2022 makes the ninth season for our geometry concept that turns every Mondraker into a bike with unique riding benefits and better performance above the rest of average mountain bikes. 

Mondraker’s FORWARD GEOMETRY has proven to be the geometry benchmark for high-end performance mountain bikes nowadays and this is one of our proprietary most unique leading technologies to date. Every year we keep refining the concept and for 2022 we have applied slight geometry changes to improve performance even more, increasing riding efficiency and control. 

Common feature for the last three seasons is the introduction of shorter fork offsets which perfectly match FORWARD GEOMETRY with clear performance gains: increased stability at speed, better front wheel control and dramatically improved front tire grip. Extensive testing has proved that shorter fork offsets have its biggest and superior benefits in combination with our genuine and distinctive FORWARD GEOMETRY concept with its super responsive and direct steering featuring FG30mm stem and long reach. The increase in trail boosts steering stability. The result: Shorter offsets combined with FORWARD GEOMETRY translates into a more playful ride, the feeling that you can attack harder in corners with extra confidence and added grip as a bonus, and a more enjoyable and faster ride overall.  

FORWARD GEOMETRY main advantages are an increased safety and confidence riding steep chutes even at high speeds, more reactive, precise and direct handling, more uphill precision and more stability in technical and rough terrain with better grip and improved control overall. 

For 2022 Mondraker’s FORWARD GEOMETRY models are equipped with standard FG30 stems (FG20-30 on the Summum DH models).

FORWARD GEOMETRY has become the geometry benchmark for high-end mountain bikes and for this 2022 season we are offering our largest FG models collection to date. Based on a geometry with longer reach and longer top tubes, riding position with FG30 mm stem is perfectly balanced for each bike category and application. Extra top tube length increase is compensated with our proprietary FG30 stem on all FG models, on every frame size. Front center length increases thus making the ride more confidence-inspiring, allowing you to ride faster easier and, above all, a more enjoyable riding experience. 


  • Increased safety on steep chutes

Front center is longer, the front axle is more advanced compared to a regular-standard-average geometry increasing the stability and preventing going over the handlebars in technical and steep terrain, with added safety and more confidence-inspiring riding due to a slacker angle perception.

  • Confidence at high speeds

 The longer wheelbase increases bike stability whatever the terrain.

  • Direct steering

The combination with our proprietary FG30 stem improves the steering precision making a very responsive handling.

  • Uphill precision 


The longer front center keeps the front wheel planted with the ground avoiding unwanted wheelies, allowing you to ride very steep climbs easier. 

  • Stability in technical and difficult areas

FG sets an improved weight balance between the front and rear wheel providing more stability in technical and rough terrain with better grip and improved control overall.

You can find Mondraker’s proprietary FORWARD GEOMETRY across the entire 2022 range of Summum Carbon, Summum, SuperFoxy, Foxy Carbon, Foxy, Raze, F-Podium, Podium, Chrono, Factor 24 & 26, Level, Crafty Carbon, Crafty, Dusk, Chaser, Thundra, Prime, F-Play, Play and Grommy.