Explore the future, now – with Grommy

One of the most rewarding aspects of cycling is sharing that thrill and enjoyment with others; giving the gift of riding, and the way of life that comes with it. When you pass that love on you don't give it away, it multiplies and grows, and it intensifies your own love of being on a bike. And what better place to start that with the next generation – the kids, our future! When you watch a youngster get on a bike and it all ‘clicks into place’, you get the sense that they’re born ready to ride. But sometimes they just need a push, literally and figuratively.

And as the starter bike for a lifetime of riding

Mondraker’s revolutionary Grommy e-balance bike gives them exactly that!

The smoothly-delivered and easily controlled power from the slimline 250W motor provides the literal, physical push. The figurative push – the mental encouragement youngsters need – come in droves from the confidence-inspiring feel of the well-balanced 6061 Alloy frame, ‘big bike’ specifications and the amazing looks, from the race-team colored decals to the internal cable routing, disc brake and purposeful all-terrain tires. 

At Mondraker we believe that the right introduction to riding is to experience it on a bike that’s really thoughtfully designed, well balanced, with considered features and materials, and great componentry. Many of us are parents, and we’re determined that the authentic mountain bike DNA of our full-sized bikes courses through the range of Mondraker Kids bikes, starting with Grommy: powered learning and excited grins for the youngest shredders.

The unique Grommy is available in two sizes: 

Grommy-12” - 190mm frame, 12-inch wheels, weighs just 7.5kg, with saddle height range 37-47cm, for riders aged 3-5 years 

Grommy-16” - 250mm frame, 16-inch wheels, weighs just 8.5kg, with saddle height range 43-58cm, for riders aged 5-8 years

Why make a balance bike electrically assisted?

Grommy is unique in being an e-powered balance bike that’s made with the technology, materials, passion and Mondraker’s unparalleled understanding of high performance mountain bike handling design. And that’s precisely why an e-balance bike works. There are three ideas underpinning choosing powered bikes are the first bikes for the kids in your family:

1 - Learning is fun 

Kids e-bikes provide both a transitional learning environment, and a fun destination in their own right. Grommy marries the immediate fun factor – “wheee!” – with the slower-burn satisfaction of riding for longer in the play environments that enable faster and more fulfilling learning.

2 - We can all ride together 

Grommy is the first step in the mix of getting more people riding, riding better, and enjoying themselves! Parents of younger children – the 3- to 8-year-olds that Grommy is most suited to – know that getting together any combination of parents and children riding together throws up challenges, especially when there are kids of different ages involved. With Grommy, adults can ride along with their young kids – but they can also both ride with older siblings and friends. The young ones keep up, naturally learning from the bigger kids they look up to.

3 - It’s the future, now!  

The truth is that the lines are blurring between traditional and assisted bikes, and that’s certainly not just for adult riders. The sooner we get kids into the idea that electrically-assisted and traditional ‘analogue’ bikes are a daily choice for cyclists of all disciplines, the easier it is for them to understand the bigger picture of cycling, and to embrace and enjoy every possibility on two wheels! It’s happening, let’s be part of the future, now. 

The first Grommys were available to buy in summer 2020, and the feedback we got from kids and parents was amazing. And now we can see how Grommy sits in the broader context of its position as entry-level electrically-assisted Mondraker, with the 2021 Mondraker Kids bike range.