Ariadna Ródenas, who works at Mondraker headquarters in Elche, has recently won the 2021 Titan Desert, who is also a European Ultra Marathon Champion. We can say now that she is one of the best national riders in long distance races and stage races.
The challenge: 6 stages, 639 km of route and more than 7,500 meters of accumulated elevation gain.

After 3 years without racing in Africa, this season, the Titan has returned to Morocco. 425 riders took part in this new edition, undoubtedly one of the most contested editions of them all. 

In the first stage, Ariadna already made it clear that she had a chance. Despite coming in second place, 4 minutes behind the winner, it was her first attempt at the Titan Desert, a race where experience is important, so Ariadna had the credentials to fight for the final victory from the very first moment.

The second stage was the consolidation. It was the most difficult stage, with almost 130 km and 2,600 meters of positive elevation gain. After leading and carrying the front group for more than 20 km, she pulled away when there was only 1 km to go, thus achieving her first victory in a Titan Desert stage. 

In the third stage the desert began and Ariadna managed to stay with the leader the whole stage, Ramona Gabriel, who won this third stage, consolidating her first place at that time. Despite this, Ariadna Ródenas got the second place.


The fourth stage was key to Ariadna's final victory. After riding with the front group during the whole stage, the final meters became a sprint where Ródenas finished in second place. On the other hand, Ramona Gabriel, leader until then, suffered mechanical problems, reason why Ariadna was placed first in the final standings with a gap of 40 minutes over the second classified, Sílvia Roura, a position that she wouldn't lose until the end of the race.

The fifth stage was hard for everyone, although Ariadna held on very well. In a stage where navigation was key as much of the stage wasn't marked, Ródenas finished just over 7 minutes behind Sílvia Roura, winner of the stage. Despite this, with just over 30 minutes of advantage, the last stage was the key to claim the overall victory.

And so, it was in the sixth stage. Despite arriving in third position and again giving up just over 7 minutes, Ariadna Ródenas became the winner of the 2021 Titan Desert with just over 13 minutes to the second classified. Therefore, in her first edition of the Titan Desert, Ariadna Ródenas from Elche climbed to the top of the podium. Excellent.

At Mondraker we are proud of her and her sporting performance, and to have her working with all of us in our day to day. CONGRATULATIONS Ariadna! 


On the other hand, Tomás Misser, Mondraker ambassador, also took part in the 2021 Titan Desert with a F-Podium, in the mixed team category with Misha Sekulova. If you want to see the videos of all the stages you can watch them on his Youtube channel.

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