Name Jacobo Santana

Age 50 Years

Nationality Spain

Discipline Enduro



- 1st on Regional Enduro Championship of the Valencian Community in Elite category, Morella (Castellón) 2014.

- 1st on Regional Enduro Championship of the Valencian Community in Elite category, Morella (Castellón) 2015.

- 1st General Enduro Open in Spain (Elite and Scratch) 2015

- 3rd General Enduro Open in Spain in Elite category 2016

- 2nd Spanish Enduro Championship in Elite category 2016

- 1st Spanish Enduro Championship in M-40 category 2021

- 1st Spanish Enduro Championship in M-50  category 2022


- 1st General Downhill Open in Spain (Elite and Scratch) 1999

- 2nd Spanish Downhill Championships (Elite and Scratch) in 1998 and 1999

- 2nd General Downhill Open in Spain (Elite and Scratch) 2000

- 2nd Spanish Downhill Championship in M-40 category 2021

- 1st Spanish Downhill Championship in M-50 category 2022

- 1st European Downhill Masters Championship C-1 2022 (Slovenia)

- 1st World Masters Downhill Championship C-1 2023 (Argentina)

How did you become interested in Mountain biking?

Since I was a child I have always been attracted to the cycling world, at 12-13 years old I started practicing Trialsin, then BMX and when I was 20 years old I got into this world of MTB thanks to my friend Pau who had already been practicing it for some time.

What are the most important skills required to be outstanding in downhill Mountain biking?

Nowadays I think that having a good technique is fundamental, the circuits have changed a lot over the years and have become very demanding, especially in international races, but in general it's a mixture of everything: technique, a good physical preparation and having a good head.

How would you describe the feeling of speeding down a mountain?

Pure fun and freedom. When you descend any trail, that sense of control, fluidity, rhythm…feeling that the bike is an extension of you…It's something that can't be explained. 

What has been the most difficult moment you have faced in your career as a downhill cyclist?

On a sporting level, I would say that one of the most difficult moments I have had was losing the European downhill elite championship held in Spain in the ski resort of La Molina (1999) due to a jab when I was setting the best time in the intermediate stage, the only section that was left, was the most beneficial one for me. Other difficult moments are falls and injuries, luckily in competition there haven't been many.

How did you prepare for the Mountain Bike Downhill World Championships in the master’s category?

It has been quite a complicated path because for a year I have been dragging an injury on my right shoulder (bursitis), that has been limiting many movements on the bike and that have not allowed me to do a good preseason in the gym. Almost all of the physical preparation in these first months of the year have only been done on the bike, especially competing with my F-Podium on XC races. As the date of the world championship was approaching I focused more on training with my Summum at the bike park of La Fenasosa.

What is your strategy for dealing with adverse weather conditions during a race?

Adaptation and not racking my brain too much, in the end there are circumstances that you can not control. Here in Spain almost all races are usually dry but when you go outside it usually isn’t, so I always try to think positive and when you have to compete in rain and mud I think of it as an opportunity to get a good result because in these circumstances people usually fail more. 

How do you handle the pressure and nerves before an important race?

Over the years these are things that you learn to cope with better. Thinking that there are many people who are watching you (the team, family, friends, fans…) always creates extra pressure when facing a competition but I always try to transform that pressure into something positive and use it as motivation. 

What are your plans for the future in terms of competing in Downhill cycling?

At the moment, in my category I am the current Spanish, European and World champion in DH, in the short term my plans are to revalidate each of these titles.

What is your advice for those who want to start Downhill cycling?

Above all, having fun practicing this modality, if it's with friends much better and if they decide to get into the competition world, don't set very ambitious short-term goals, if you do things well and have a minimum of qualities, the results will come with time. 

What other activities do you enjoy outside cycling?

I really enjoy listening to music, watching other sports on TV, being at home with my family, going out for dinner with friends, etc.