Name Ariadna Ródenas

Age 36 Years

Nationality Spanish

Discipline XCO | XCM


2nd World XCO M30 Runner-Up 

4th Titan Desert Morocco 2022 Elite Female

3rd European Marathon Championship

Champion Spain M30 Marathon

Champion Spain M30 Ultramarathon

Titan Desert Almeria 1st mixed pair

Titan Desert Saudi Arabia 1st Female Elite 

Quick Test
Quick Test

What is your personal motto?

The best motivation always comes from within. If your head goes, your body will go with you. 

Who is your non-cycling hero?  

Rafa Nadal 

Where is your favorite place to ride a bike?        

The mountain, wherever it is, but in the middle of nature.

What is your favorite food?

Sushi or a good paella 

What is your favorite song?

I don't think I have a favorite song as such, as it depends on the moment I need my pills, but Radiohead's Creep are among my tops, as well as some Linkin Park and Red Hot Chili Peppers. 

What do you like to do in your free time?               

Ride a bike?🤪 

That's got to be cool!

How did you get started in the cycling world and what has been your experience so far?

I started because I was in a running club where I trained and ran popular races of 5k, 10k, socks ...  and I even ran the Valencia marathon in 2014 and in that club, there was a group that biked and were going to prepare the Santa Pola duathlon and I said ... That's got to be cool! And I had a bike at home and  I then started to get it ready,  even though in one month’s time it seemed that I had been riding a bike for years, my companions were surprised ... hehe.

What type of cycling do you like to practice the most: route, mountain, BMX, etc.? Why?

 In reality, mountain biking is the one that I am most passionate about without a doubt, although I also enjoy road biking a lot, I really want to practice enduro. Enjoying the paths and trails, discovering the interior of the mountains, reaching places that only the bike can take you and getting lost in the middle of nature is something that gives me a lot of life and I am passionate about.

"Without a doubt working surrounded by what I am passionate about makes me happier"

How did you combine your career as a Mondraker employee with cycling? Did your work in sport inspire you in any way?

My priority has always been working, of course, which is what feeds me, but without a doubt working surrounded by what I am passionate about makes me happier and ending my workday by running home and getting changed to go training, is my greatest motivation. 

What has been your biggest challenge as a cyclist so far and how did you overcome it?

Well, I have had several, maybe the first year they convinced me to run the Stone Giant that is an Ultramarathon of 200 Km with 6500 + at that time I had only been riding a bike for two years and it seemed very tough to do something like that and I was not sure that I was able ...  To top if off, on that same day it began to hail and there were many withdrawals, but I kept on pedaling, my strength was in my head and I managed to cross the finish line after pedaling for almost 17 hours.... It was on that exact day when I broke a mental barrier and I realized that if the mind accompanies you, we are then capable of achieving almost anything.

"I like to have everything a little controlled"

How do you prepare for a cycling race or competition? Do you have any training routines or rituals before the races?

Prepare? That's what my coach takes care of! Hehehe I only dedicate myself to fulfill all the workouts without complaining to get my best version ;)

Before the races I like to have everything a little controlled, study the route, calculate the time it will take, organize the food that I am going to take ... And visualizing it, which is something that helps me a lot. 

What do you consider to be the most important victory so far and why?

Without a doubt the Titan DESERT of Morocco, for me going to the titan was already a dream to fulfill, a challenge, 6 days, crossing the Sahara Desert ... My goal was to be able to finish a test like this, so different in such extreme conditions and in a terrain where I was quite dreamy of. 

When I managed to fulfill the dream of being able to go and above all, being the absolute winner in women and as I fought day by day being a rookie in the desert against rivals who had more than 6 editions, it was very hard, that's why that victory is the most savored. 

"Living day by day and taking the opportunities"

What is your opinion about the current cycling scenario in Spain? What improvements do you think could be implemented in sport?

I think there are many fans, but sometimes there is a lack of support from institutions specially to create more school and more grassroots cycling. We have an incredible country to practice this sport, in fact many international teams come here to do their preseasons and train. What I would improve the most is grassroots cycling, schools, technification classes by the federation to help kids more, and give them more opportunities to continue advancing, learning, and growing. All of this is the future. 

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out in the cycling world?

The main things, to enjoy and have fun with it, it seems silly, but when it is like that, everything else comes on its own , you will always want more, to improve yourself,  to know how far you can go ... but always, always enjoy it.

Do you have any future projects related to cycling that you can tell us?

Right now, I'm just improvising, living day by day and taking the opportunities that come my way.  I might have some ideas in my head, but I’m not making a reality out of them yet….hehe