Bec McConnell wins in Nové Město in the XCO race and adds her third consecutive victory in the World Cup. A historical milestone that can be even bigger if she wins in the next WC in Leogang.


We are short for adjectives to describe what Rebecca is accomplishing. After what we have witnessed during these three WC rounds, it is clear that she is by far the fittest rider on the international circuit. And not only in XCO. From 3 World Cups holding 6 races in total (3 XCC Short Track and 3 XCO), Bec has been on the podium 5 times (2 in Short Track and 3 in XCO). 

Let's recap: 4th in XCC and 1st in XCO at Brazil; 1st in XCC and 1st in XCO at Germany; and 2nd in XCC and 1st in XCO at Czech Republic. 

Bec performed at her best from start to finish. After a start in which all the riders went all out to get the best position, just before the end of the start loop, McConnell was in first place. And not only that, but she did it by imposing a really high race-pace right from the beginning, keeping the first position until the finish line. Only Jenny Rissveds was able to keep up with the Australian on the first lap. From then on, Bec set a strong pace and maintained a gap between 15 to 25 seconds. Her pace was steady, with very consistent lap times, better than her opponents. Finally, Bec McConnell crossed the finish line with a 40 second advantage over Loana Lecomte, who finished second followed by Jenny Rissveds in third.

Bec McConnell

...said: "It's crazy to get another World Cup win and stay first overall. It was a crazy race but I felt good from the start and was in control for most of the race. It was a big effort for me to ride alone in the lead for so long but I thought, once I got to the last lap, that it was just another small effort. It was a totally different race for me as I'm not used to racing like that and being in control so early on".

Bec McConnell rounded off an excellent weekend finishing second in Friday's XCC Short Track followed by Sunday's win in the XCO race. With these results, Bec leads in both disciplines. Spectacular and historic. It's worth noting that only four other riders had managed to win the first 3 events in the World Cup history: Julie Furtado and Alison Sydor in the 90s, Gunn-Rita Dahle and Loana Lecomte more recently. Now there is a fifth rider, Bec McConnell. Bec joins the club of these privileged riders.

The rest of the races

After a creditable 15th place in the Short Track on Friday, Jofre Cullell didn't have his best day on Sunday. Unfortunately, due to allergy problems he could not perform as expected.

On the other hand, the progression of the young Marta Cano and Francesc Barber continues to improve. Marta completed her third consecutive race in the Junior Series finishing in a good 17th position. Francesc finished 11th in the Under-23 Men's race. These results keep getting better and they forecast great things happening in the future for them both.

From Mondraker we want to congratulate, besides Bec McConnell on an incredible start of the season, each and every one of the members of the PMG Racing Team for their excellent results and for the history they are writing, which we hope will continue to grow.