BORN READY | the best range of kids bikes in the history of Mondraker.

Mondraker has gone all out this 2021 with the widest range of kids’ bikes ever. Even better is that we also have e-bike options for the little ones so they can get out on longer rides with the family.

What could be better than getting out and enjoying nature while having fun riding your bike with your family? Those of you who’ve tried it will agree that few things make us feel more fulfilled; never more so than when you’re already a mountain biker! Helping our kids to enjoy our sport and teaching them the values that mountain biking encompasses (overcoming hurdles, improving your health and respecting the environment to name but a few) is the key to them growing up healthy and enjoying our sport.

At Mondraker we’re living this daily because we’re parents and that’s just how we feel. So that’s why we’ve been working for years to build the most incredible range without overlooking any age groups or anything at all we could offer our little ones. So this season we are truly buzzing to have the most extensive range ever!

Virtually all of us at Mondraker have seen the brand grow from scratch; and while that’s been going on we’ve also grown as individuals and we’ve gone on to have families. As the years have gone by, and despite having had kid's bikes in the range almost since the beginning of our 20-year history, we’ve increasingly realized that we wanted to extend our passion for mountain biking to everyone around us, even, or especially to our little ones. One way to do that was to commit ourselves to sharing this healthy lifestyle and love of the environment that surrounds us when we’re out on our bikes. That is why we have been evolving and expanding our range of children's bikes and this year we’ve taken it to extremes.

The best range ever

Making up the best range of kid's bikes in the history of Mondraker you’ll find bikes for boys and girls of all ages, both conventional and electric. How many times have you wanted to go for a more adventurous ride only to find your little ones are too tired after a while, or that the route is too tough or steep? Well that's where children's ebikes come into play. Unlimited adventure! And if you want to stick to conventional bikes because you don't intend to take them on longer adventures, we have the best options for your little ones with bikes that have wheels from 16 " all the way up to 26" because we want them to enjoy themselves as much as we do, together.

F-Play Range

For the older and more experienced kids, the electric F-Play is the perfect bike. The essence of a grown-up’s bike, with all of the best features full-sized bikes have to offer, the F-Play is like a miniature reproduction of a high-end full suspension MTB. So watch out and don't let them make you eat their dust… With a 40 Nm motor (maximum torque) and an integrated 250Wh battery, you can choose between either 26”or 24” wheels.

Play Range

These are the hardtail equivalent to the F-Play range. They’re a reproduction of the best aluminium hardtail ebikes for our little ones. With 40Nm of torque and 250Wh of battery capacity the motor allows your kids to take on the most demanding of rides regardless of altitude gain or distance. A pleasure for all the family. You can choose between versions offering 20", 24" and 26 " wheels.

Grommy Range

How much fun could a balance bike with a motor be? Who wouldn't have wanted a Grommy when they were little? Nobody, I bet! Don’t worry, the power can be adjusted to your liking to avoid unplanned for thrills and spills. You have the choice of either 12" or 16" wheels. With the Grommy, they’ll learn to ride a bike before they learn to walk.

Factor Range

The most fun you can have on a bike. With a Stealth aluminium frame and 120mm of rear wheel travel your kids will have just the same sensations as you do when you’re on a quality full suspension bike. The only thing holding them back will be themselves, not the bike. You can choose between either 26" or 24" wheeled versions.

Leader Range

For your littlest riders you can choose between versions of the Leader with 16”, 20” and 24” wheels. Perfect for getting into mountain biking with all the guarantees Mondraker offers. Lightweight and robust, they feature neat details such as an aluminium frame and internal cabling routing. You’ve never seen a bike for your little ones with as many details as the Leader.

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