Mondraker is proud to introduce our new headquarters in Elche, Spain. An out-of-the-ordinary, facility that perfectly aligns with the brand image, uniting functionality and design seamlessly. Our new facility enables us to house all departments, office space and production in one space.


The strong and rapid growth of Mondraker, resulted in new needs which have been solved thanks to the new headquarters. A united workspace bringing together all teams and departments was the priority and creating a unified environment for the development of products and the brand at all levels. 

The development of the new building allows for the technical department of R&D, Engineering and Design to expand, work closer together and incorporate the latest technology into all processes with ease. 


The new production area, where almost all models and bicycles are assembled in one space has also given us the opportunity to more than double the current bicycle production figures. A strong commitment to continuous evolution.

The new building reinforces our brand image by showing a minimalist and avant-garde design that evokes the technology present in Mondraker bikes. Facilities where the comfort and performance of all employees prevail, creating a work environment where teamwork and the flow of information between departments are encouraged. 

The new facility puts us in a stronger position to work with our global network of sales departments around the world. The building offers large indoor and outdoor workspaces where we can exhibit the different collections of Mondraker products and test ride our latest models. 

The non-conformist architecture of the building stands out for its shape inspired by the structure of a wheel. A cylinder of glass and steel that stands out in its surroundings for its uniqueness. The latest technologies have made it possible to combine the transparent façade with a steel outer mesh that provides solar control to minimize energy consumption. Natural light was a priority from the start and large glazed surfaces allow you to enjoy the Mediterranean sun throughout the year, creating a warm and welcoming work environment. Its circular design invites you to freely explore the headquarters from all directions. 12,000 square metres, where 99% of our bicycles are conceptualised, developed and assembled.

As always, quality, innovation and performance are a fundamental part of our DNA and our new headquarters represents this. We are convinced that from here, we will shape our future and develop more effectively, everything that is to come.