Very good results this weekend for most of the PMX Racing Team members.

It all started on Thursday, when Rebecca McConnell was proclaimed Australian ebike National Champion. With her new Mondraker Crafty Carbon R, she won with total authority and without too many problems on the demanding circuit of the Maydena Bike Park in Tasmania. But it was going to be even better on Saturday. 

In a complicated situation by heavy rain before and during the races, both Bec and Dan were proclaimed Australian XCO National Champions, an unprecedented success for both of them. With these results, Bec was proclaimed Australian Champion for the eighth time, while for Dan it was his tenth National Champion title. In this way, they become two of the best riders in the history of the country

On the other hand, the premiere of the Open de España XCO in the Cerro de las Contiendas in Valladolid, was the other location where the national members of the PMX Racing Team had their own important appointment. 

Continuing with a very good start of the season, Jofre Cullell was in third scratch position behind the Romanian Vlad Dascalu and David Valero. Thus, he completed his good performance by to the third step of the elite podium and being first in the U23 category. The good streak continues for Jofre.

The performance of the Balearic Francesc Barber was also very good, who dominated the Junior Men's race from start to finish getting a difference of almost 3 minutes over the second classified. With this result, he is the overall Open Junior Men's category leader.

The bad news of the weekend was Sara Mendez, who after suffering a heavy blow, arrived in eleventh position at the end of the race. Despite this result, Sara proved to have a strong capacity for sacrifice to be a future champion.