The moment of truth has arrived. Next Monday and Tuesday, the Olympic Mountain bike races will finally take place in Tokyo. The chances of achieving a medal are real, especially for Bec and Jofre, who have been performing at a highly competitive level for the past races.

The Olympic Games is marked on every rider’s calendar. The fact that this event is held every 4 years (in this case 5 years due to the rescheduling from last year to 2021 because of Covid) makes achieving a victory even more important and special. Getting a medal in the Olympics is something that all riders wish for, as they know that in their sporting career, they will have few opportunities to compete in the Olympic Games. That is why having 3 riders from our cross-country team is something that here at Mondraker we feel honored and proud of.

The events will start on Monday 26th with the men's race. We will be able to watch how Dan McConnell and Jofre Cullell compete against the best in the world. Being realistic and knowing the performance level of the riders, Jofre is probably the rider with more chances of getting a good position. The Catalan rider, who will race in the Under 23 category due to the Olympic rules and knowing the results he has achieved in some races of the season in the Elite category, makes us believe that he will have a good performance. He could even win the first Olympic medal for Mondraker, which once again would be a historic milestone for the brand.

In the women's race, which takes place on Tuesday 27th, the hopes are placed on Bec McConnell who, given the performance level she has shown in recent races, has a real chance of winning a medal. Currently ranked third overall in the UCI, her recent podium finishes in the World Cup give us hope for a medal.

Therefore, we have one of the most important events in recent years and at Mondraker we want to continue making history by winning an Olympic medal. Or even better, winning two.




- Monday, July 26th 2021, at 8:00 AM (UTC+1): Men's MTB Race


- Tuesday, July 27th 2021, at 8:00 AM (UTC+1) | Women's MTB Race