At Mondraker we have always tried to defend everything that involves mountain biking, both riders and the natural environment in which we practice our sport. This is why IMBA Spain and MONDRAKER have started to collaborate in the defence of MTB.

"We have reached a magnificent agreement of collaboration and sponsorship of the activities of IMBA Spain by Mondraker through which the Spanish brand becomes the main sponsor of IMBA Spain, helping in the defence of the rights of mountain bikers in the whole national territory, but with a very special dedication to the existing prohibitions in the Comunitat Valenciana" declared the president of IMBA Spain.

Mondraker, founded in 2001, has always been at the forefront of technology applied to MTB, developing pioneering bikes with advanced technology, characterised by their quality and performance, both in international competition circuits and in the daily outings of thousands of fans who ride for the pleasure of enjoying their mountains.

From now on, enthusiasts from all over Spain and mountain bikers from the Comunitat Valenciana in particular, enjoy our direct support, whose resources will be used to improve the conditions for riding on the trails and mountain roads of the Comunitat Valenciana itself.