The Red Bull Holy Bike 2021 was a great success this past weekend. You could feel that the riders were eager to enjoy what is known to be the best enduro and DH events in Spain.

The Red Bull Holy Bike 2021 will go down in history, as it always has done, as the event where each and every one of the riders enjoy the whole weekend to the fullest. It is true that it is a competition, but the good atmosphere and vibes throughout the weekend are the highlights of the Holy Bike. La Pinilla resort, in Segovia, once again became the host of mtb celebration in Spain.

The weekend was perfect, starting with the weather. The sun and perfect temperature were key for a good weekend, and this ensured adrenaline and great atmosphere to spread allowing the riders to enjoy the timed sections as well as the main race of the event: the Avalanche. More than 300 riders of all ages who took the start enjoyed the race from start to finish. Undoubtedly, the best ending to a perfect weekend of which all the riders are already looking forward to the 2022 edition. 

There is no doubt that the Red Bull Holy Bike is special and if you have never been a part of it, you should at least once in your lifetime. We are sure that the great atmosphere during those two days and the enjoyment of all the trails will make you change the concept of what races are, at least in this case.