STEALTH AIR CARBON is the most refined and lightest Carbon manufacturing process at Mondraker. Every carbon layer is specifically and carefully applied in each area of the frame with a given and specific purpose that makes the most stylish, evolved and advanced carbon fibre frame in the Mondraker range. Cutting-edge industrial design, aero-style profile, maximum stiffness / lightest weight / superior compliance ratio are common features of STEALTH AIR CARBON.

Trail chatter is sometimes overlooked, and this is a critical feature specially on a highest quality carbon frameset. You will find STEALTH AIR CARBON on our new 2022 Summum Carbon, SuperFoxy Carbon, Foxy Carbon and Raze and on our cross country racing benchmark models F-Podium Carbon, F-Podium Carbon DC and Podium Carbon. Specially on such a lightweight record model as the Podium Carbon hardtail our FlatStays design solves this traditional problem filtering all those extra riding vibrations without the need of an extra cutaway seatstays + elastomer solution for a second-to-none riding comfort on a pure Carbon hardtail frame. 

Summum Carbon, Crafty Carbon, SuperFoxy Carbon, Foxy Carbon, Raze, F-Podium Carbon DC, F-Podium Carbon and Podium Carbon are the flagship models featuring STEALTH AIR CARBON technology.


Cutting-edge signature-style profile carbon industrial design

Most refined and lightest STEALTH CARBON manufacturing

Maximum compliance, trail buzz absorption and stiffness to weight ratio