Mondraker bikes are exclusively sold at its authorized dealer network who are responsible of our bikes setup and maintenance. Mondraker frames are built following the most innovative production processes as well as most tough quality controls. This way, Mondraker bicycles offers lifetime warranty on all their frames against material or production faults.


  1. Mondraker Warranty activation must be done through previous register via internet in in three months time at most after purchase date. All no registered bikes will be subjected to minimum warranty conditions existing in the country of purchase.

  2. This warranty runs since purchase date for bicycles and frames which are bought since 2010 season, only applicable to original owner and it is not transferable. Previously, applicable warranty lasted for three years on full suspension bicycles and five on hard tail models, and it was only applicable to original owner.

  3. All components, suspension forks and rear shock absorbers assembled in our bikes will be covered by manufacturer original warranty with the minimum required by the country of purchase legislation.

  4. Frame paintwork warranty will last for two years.

  5. Mondraker reserves the right to repair or replace defective frame as a whole or faulty part or specific piece in accordance with the valuation of its technical service.

  6. All frames or parts subject to replacement in accordance to the stipulations contemplated in the warranty clauses, will be replaced by either the same frame or a similar one from the same year/collection until stocks last. In the event that there are no frames available from the specific same year/collection, it will be replaced by one from a subsequent year/collection meaning that both the shape, color and graphics of the new frame can be considerably different than the original frame.

  7. All warranty processing must be done through an authorized Mondraker dealer, being necessary to submit proof of payment and web registration to models acquired since 2010 season. Authorized Mondraker dealers will follow the warranty procedure defined by Mondraker.


  1. Usage and common wear, both on frames and components which are inclined to wear out in the course of time like tires, grips, chains, brake pads, chain guides, freehubs, etc.

  2. Mondraker does not take any responsibility for incompatibilities on components between different years frames due to updating and technical improvements made on them; such as shocks, pressfits, headsets, forks, wheels, seatposts, deraulliers, etc.

  3. Inadequate assembly or maintenance, together with the mounting of non-originally designed compatible parts and accessories for the bike.

  4. This warranty is limited to the reparation or replacement of a deficient part and does not cover, what so ever, personal damage that could occur, directly or indirectly, from the deficiencies of any of these parts during its usage.

  5. Damages or deficiencies caused during an accident, incorrect use or negligence.

  6. All bikes/frames have specific and certain lifetime durability, in other words lifespan, which depend on the type of the material used and the construction of this material. This lifespan can be reduced due to the type of usage of the material or the way in which it is being used, or because of lack of maintenance and necessary treatments. Therefore the lifetime warranty will totally depend on the optimal lifecycle determined by Mondraker for each product in particular.

  7. Every frame is manufactured for a specific type of usage in accordance with its technical characteristics. The right for warranty will only be applied in case the frame has received a proper usage for which is has initially been manufactured.

  8. The rear triangles and links have a 2 years warranty period as from the purchase date. In case one of these are broken, only the broken part will be replaced and not the complete frame.

  9. Costs for manpower to replace the parts

  10. All warranty issues will be subject to the final decision of our mechanics with regard to the nature and causes of the damage, after a thorough technical analysis of every single frame.

  11. Warranty duration and details may vary depending of the country where the bike was purchased, and it will be subjected on legal conditions and specific limitations on the country of purchasing.

  12. Guarantees covering painted-frame bicycles used by any part or any company outside Mondraker will automatically be deemed null and void, because Mondraker cannot ensure that the correct products and materials have been used to paint the bicycles, and this it cannot ensure their strength or resistance.


Important!!! Check before every usage:

  1. Every screw and nuts under manufacturer recommendations, especially wheels quick releases.

  2. Handler bar, stem and seat post checking for potential visible damages or appearance of crevices on any part.

  3. Rear and front brake system.

  4. Tires air pressure.

  5. Fixation of grips to the handle bar.

  6. Rear sock absorber and front forks smooth running.

Important!!! Additionally once a month:

  1. Every tube welding, links and mobiles frame parts, checking for crevices, cracks or deformation of any part.

  2. Rear and front derailleur running.

  3. Direction adjust and play.

  4. Cable state and distance. Brake and shifter system hydraulic tubes.

Important!!! Additionally once a year at the authorized Mondraker distributor:

  1. Chain worn out and use control.

  2. Bottom bracket adjust and play.

  3. Turnings adjust and pedal bearing.

  4. Rear and front derailleur running and alignment.

  5. Handler bar, stem and seat post to be replaced if it is necessary.

  6. Brake system replacing cables or hydraulic tube if it is necessary.

  7. Rims alignment and spokes tension.

  8. Tires state and replacement if it is necessary.

  9. Grips worn out conditions.

  10. Every part included in rear shock absorber.

  11. Front fork running and structure.