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Why 27´5+ wheels?

“Plus” wheels provide greater riding comfort, superior traction and cornering grip with minimum extra weight, which leads to more enjoyment and establish a new dimension in mountain biking. 

Who is the potential rider of 27´5+ bikes?

According to the features described above of better cornering grip and greater traction, you already can already imagine the higher control and security level that this new wheel size offers. Such safety is the perfect claim for less technical or less experienced riders to be able to tackle new challenges never imagined before. The most technical riders can also enjoy new thrills such as climbing very steep trails or railing turns with total confidence: examples of what the new Plus world has to offer.  

Which size should I buy?

Sizing is different from one user to another. Personal likings are very different and the type of use of the bike is also very important for this decision. This is a general chart that could be used as a sizing guide:

1.58 – 1.68 S
1.67 – 1.76 M
1.75 – 1.86 L
1.85 – 1.95 XL

Which models carry the new 27´5+ wheels?

At Mondraker we differ models in Trail category from the ones in All Mountain category. This way we find Prime + and Factor + 120 mm travel models with 2.8” tires and Vantage + and Crafty + 140 mm travel with 3.0” tires. 

Which is the maximum tire size I can use in the Podium?

With an internal width rim size up to 25mm –currently Podium models are specced with 22 or 23 mm internal width rims- maximum tire size you can use is 29x2.4”which guarantees enough clearance to shed the mud easily

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