MIND is an innovative integrated telemetry system for setting up your mountain bike’s suspension properly, which together with the multifunctional myMondraker app revolutionises the Mountain Bike experience.

Mondraker’s latest Mountain Bike innovation is the MIND device, much more than just a suspension set-up tool it will transform the way we ride our bikes from now on.

2021 was the year that Mondraker premieres a GPS enabled telemetry system fully integrated with the bike’s suspension and which connects to a new smartphone app offering multiple functions and a wealth of data never before seen on a production mountain bike.

MIND collects data from our rides and sends it, together with suspension activity data, to the myMondraker app for analysis. Likewise, the app lets us connect directly with the “Mondraker Universe” making each ride absolutely unbeatable. Mind is available with the  Foxy Carbon, Raze and Crafty Carbon bikes throughout Europe.

Miguel Pina

CEO Mondraker

Miguel Pina

"Each and every rider, regardless of their skills set, fitness will be able to set their suspension up quickly and easily. To sum up, all MIND users will achieve two things: more speed and more fun.”


This telemetry system offers invaluable information about how the suspension is working and the route you pedal along on your ride: from how to adjust the “sag” to really take advantage of your bike, to real performance data (detailed information regarding the timings of your ride, total distance, average speed, elevation gain etc.) together with other parameters such as how far you jumped and how much “air time” you got, max suspension travel both front and rear as well as whether you bottomed out or not at any point on the ride. No more having to set your bike up by guesswork! From now on with MIND you can set your bike up easily and optimally however hard you send it and whatever your riding style or overall level as a rider.

MIND connects to the myMondraker app by Bluetooth for data transfer, both to record each ride and for settings. Thanks to myMondraker you can check to see if you went faster or slower through that complicated section of your favourite trail, or if you bottomed out on the landing of some jump, with quick links to the most popular social networks like Strava where you share your activities.

Luís Martínez, Global Product Manager

“Offering World Cup technology to non-professional riders is our target. It’s been an uphill struggle to develop an integrated system which offers simple and comprehensible data for all types of rider but we’ve done it. Obtaining real information from one of the least understood parts of a bike will allow our riders to unlock the full potential of their bikes. Our unwavering aim is to make Mondraker riders better riders.”

Israel Romero, Product Marketing Manager

“We’ve been putting complicated telemetry systems through their paces for years in our prototype tests” says Israel Romero, leader of the MIND and myMondraker project. “Given that traditionally these systems are complicated, bulky and inconvenient with loads of wires all over the place and they generate tons of data which is difficult to interpret, with MIND we still have access to some very valuable information but in a far simpler package. We can use that data to improve the design of our bikes, try different geometries, sizes, suspension configurations and many other variables which also makes it an ideal technology for our international Downhill and XC teams who use it to analyse the performance and set-up for each of our racers”.

“We spent years trying to work out how to create a telemetry system which would give us a true reading of how the suspension on our bikes was really working and to somehow connect that to the Zero suspension system and the bike’s fork using emerging technologies. That’s now a reality: MIND, a simple and intuitive way to measure sag and obtain real data about how our bike and its suspension is behaving throughout the ride. We’ve been working on this for over three years and we spent nearly the whole of last year carrying out hundreds of tests on our bikes, improving this device throughout its final development. Thousands and thousands of hours of work, a whole team dedicated 100% to tirelessly working 24/7, testing the bikes day and night through all imaginable weather conditions, optimising the devices and the sensitivity of the data collection, improving the myMondraker app experience etc, and at long last we’re here with the presentation of this great project of ours.”

Thanks to MIND, setting up your bike has never been so easy:

Now you can turn sensations into real data.

The MIND system monitors how the suspension works through sensors found at the front and the back of the bike.

What exactly is the MIND system?

The sensor sends information to a master unit which is hidden inside the headtube. This master unit has several roles. It doubles as the front sensor which “reads” the magnetic field of a magnet which is fixed to the back of the top of the left fork leg. The sensor measures fork travel relative to the sensor 100 times per second on the move, and up to 5000 times a second while measuring sag.The master unit is also the Bluetooth transmitter which sends the data collected from all the sensors to the myMondraker app installed on your smartphone once your ride is over.

Rear sensor


This master unit also receives the data sent from the rear MIND sensor which is fixed to the linkage of the Zero suspension system and which in turn measures the magnetic field of a magnet which is on the main pivot point of the rear triangle.

199 gr.

Last but not least the master unit also contains an integrated GPS system which has its own GSM 2G/4G connectivity independent of your phone.Each mind unit contains its own rechargeable battery which is good for more than 20 hours continuous run time and more than 15 days on standby. To fully recharge the system you only need connect each device to a charger with a USB C connection. A blue light flashes continuously if the system is charging. The whole system including both sensors, batteries, magnets and antenna weighs in at only 199 grams, is completely maintenance free and is incorporated into the bike so subtly that it’s almost unnoticeable.

MIND connects automatically to the myMondraker app (which you can download for free for both Android and iOS) via Bluetooth thus synching all the data relative to your ride, including how your suspension worked from the beginning to the end.


These are some of the standout features:

1: Setting sag

Setting the right amount of sag is one the cornerstones of mountain bike set up, whatever bike you ride and whatever discipline you take part in.

With the myMondraker app open, go to the “Check SAG” setting and introduce your weight (dressed for a ride, including your hydration pack if you use one) and then choose between three riding style options: “Comfort, Standard or Racing”. The system will suggest air pressures for both the fork and the shock as well as compression and rebound settings depending on the riding style selected and the weight you input.

Following the instructions the myMondraker app gives you, get on your bike dressed to ride with all your kit, press the “Check sag” button on the screen and the LED lights on the fork device will indicate if you need to increase the pressure (white LED) or decrease it (red light), in the fork (left LED) or in the shock (right LED). Once you’ve got it dialled in you’ll receive a notification on your phone saying “Setup correct” and both LEDs will turn green simultaneously. It’s best to ask for someone’s help to carry this out.

2: Record your rides

You don’t need to take your phone with you if you don’t want to. MIND records all of the data and common parameters of each ride, thanks to the incorporation of a SIM card and GPS system in the master unit. MIND can monitor a wealth of data such as the number, length and duration of each jump, the front and back suspension travel throughout the ride, exactly where and when the suspension bottomed out (pinpointed on a map), altitude gain and average speed.

One of the virtues of MIND is that it’s a valuable tool for the analysis of your rides and the behaviour of your suspension. An overview of your physical activity is shown on screen with a “Summary” of the ride and there’s another tab called “Statistics” where you can see incredibly detailed graphs on which you can highlight different parameters individually. Likewise you can show the fork motion graph simultaneously with the shock motion graph, speed, or altitude at any particular point on the ride. An easy to use, high-tech telemetry system with unique and extraordinary possibilities totally integrated with your bike.

3: Share the data from your ride

Once you’ve checked the ride you’ve just finished, the app lets you edit the route, shorten the ride shown etc. and share this information with your friends or followers directly on Strava using the quick-link icon on the top-right of your screen without any further ado.

Thanks to the fact that MIND’s sensors are so sensitive and can detect the tiniest of suspension movement, one of its most interesting features is the ability to measure very accurately the key parameters of our jumps, each and every time we leave the ground. Meters travelled in the air? Exactly how long were the wheels off the ground? How far did the suspension compress when we landed? There’s no doubt that MIND marks a before and after in Mountain Bike history when you experience the possibilities it offers.

There’s more!

myMondraker has many more functions, some of which are linked to and are exclusive to MIND and others which are open to any Mondraker bike user.

Thanks to myMondraker you can save and access all the information about your bike, you can see all the info and characteristics of all of Mondraker’s other bikes and you can keep up to date with the latest news about Mondraker. It even gives you a hotline to our customer service department so you can manage everything from guarantees to servicing and ask for help local to your region.

You can even access myMondraker through your PC via The web page offers all the functionality of the smartphone app but with the advantage of a big screen to visualise even better the graphs showing suspension movement thanks to an additional tab called “See more details” at the at the bottom right of the “Statistics” page.

That’s not all: MIND and the myMondraker app include an anti-theft alarm which you can activate so that you can always find your Mondraker wherever it is. If the unimaginable happens, your built-in GPS tracker will help you, us and the police as well as the global Mondraker community to get it back.

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